Some of my recent Projects

Artistic Ink

Artistic Ink is a permanent cosmetics company which provides all types of permanent cosmetic services.

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Rear Light Bar

Rear Light Bar is an offroad lightbar company which distributes custom lighting for your 4x4 vehicle.

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An Ecommerce website dedicated to CBD products, it is a custom Wordpress design.

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A wonderful health company who sells healthy spices for the fitness community.

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Hangtown Range

An website designed for a Shooting and Archery Range.

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Norcal Drone Solutions

A website built and designed for a Northern California Drone company.

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Hi there
Before you leave

I want you to remember that currently, I am open to full time job offers.

If you feel that I would be qualified, drop me a message at moc.kcabedducnoraa@noraa.

Thank you